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August 28, 2014
Windstream Energy supports Wind Farms

Benefits of Wind Power

The following are some key economic and environmental benefits of producing electricity from wind farms:
  • Regular royalty payments to local landowners who lease their land for turbines (thousands of dollars per turbine annually), helping farmers keep farming
  • Increased property tax revenues for local municipalities, paid by the owner of the wind turbines (thousands of dollars per turbine annually)
  • Creation of direct and indirect, full- and part-time jobs during construction (over one job per megawatt installed), and during ongoing operations
  • Local spending on goods and services by the developer during construction and ongoing operations and maintenance
  • Safe, infinitely renewable energy, enough to power hundreds of homes per megawatt installed
  • Increased tourism opportunities when wind farms are promoted as attractions
  • Reliable and cost-competitive energy production: with free fuel, lower cost per kilowatt in the long term, especially when one accounts for the environmental damage and health care costs of other sources of power
  • Comparatively minor adverse environmental effects: no air or water pollution, no hazardous waste, no greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change
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