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September 2, 2014
Windstream Energy supports Wind Farms Windstream Energy supports Wind Farms
Windstream Energy works with First Nations peoples Windstream Energy supports Wind Farms

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Windstream Energy Inc. is a seasoned developer of commercial wind power. We are based in Ontario and also operate in western Canada and the High Plains area of the western U.S. The company is privately owned and well funded by American investors in the energy industry.

We are building a portfolio of large-scale wind farms with a total capacity of over 3,000 megawatts. This geographically diverse portfolio will provide economic spinoffs for our financial partners, local communities and Canada’s First Nations and Native Americans. Our motto is “Creating a Cleaner Tomorrow”.

The time is right for Windstream Energy, as citizens and their governments are concerned about pollution and hazardous wastes from traditional power generation.

Wind power is a clean, safe and renewable source of energy. Windstream Energy sees the economic and environmental benefits and supports governments across North America who are setting targets for the growth of wind power.
Member of the Canadian Wind Energy AssociationMember of the American Wind Energy Association
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